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Laboratory of Theory of Biopolymers: protein-peptide docking, 
flexibility simulations, protein
structure prediction, protein folding, coarse-grained protein modeling
Tools for protein-peptide docking, flexibility simulations, protein structure prediction, protein folding, coarse-grained protein modeling and more...

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Nano and Giga Challenges
in Electronics, Photonics
and Renewable Energy,
Sept. 18-22, 2017 Tomsk, Russia
Nano and Giga Challenges in Electronics, Photonics and Renewable Energy, September 18-22, 2017, Tomsk


The Computational Chemistry List (CCL) was established on January 11, 1991, as an independent electronic forum for chemistry researchers and educators from around the world. If you want it to continue, please support it with your participation in discussions, contributing files to the CCL archives, 能上油管的网络加速器 and becoming its supporting member.

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Remembering Charlie Bender, 1940 - 2007


    • Coarse-Grained Protein Models and Their Applications
    • Installing Maven on Windows and Maven plugin in Eclipse,
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    • Installing Java JDK on Windows in such a way that it works nicely with Cygwin and also makes your life easier
    • Installing and Configuring Vagrant (a tool to create virtual machines in your computer, like your Windoz laptop), VirtualBox (a tool that allows you to run virtual machines) under Cygwin (the Linux environment for Windoz). Vagrant and Cygwin
    • Installing SQLyog (A GUI to work with MySQL) on Windows PC
    • Installing ActivePerl (perl for native Windows) on Windows PC
    • Detailed guide of installing Cygwin Unix-like environment on the Windows PC
    • youtube视频下载(NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader ...:2021-1-28 · NoVirusThanks YouTube视频下载是一个方便的免费应用程序,它可以让你轻松下载视频流行的视频流媒体网站YouTube的FLV格式。 NoVirusThanks还支持下载YouTube ...
    • http://xyisp.adultedu.net/cca/data/parm_at_Frosst/ -- An Informal AMBER Small Molecule Force Field: parm@Frosst for biomolecules (enzymes, DNA, peptides, etc.) in the presence of complex organic molecules such as inhibitor and cofactors.
    • 海外加速器YouTube ports proprietary software into open source domain.
    • 2nd Edition of Prof. Lewars' Computational Chemistry scheduled for November 2010!
    • Collection of Papers and Slides on liquid crystals, organometallic compounds, silanes, silicones, platinum catalysts, organophosphines, homogeneous, heterogeneous catalysts, insulating glass sealants and Grignard reagents by Prof. John H. MacMillan from Temple University.
    • Gaussian Frequency Visualizer in Python
    • NEWLEAD for Windows is now available
    • input4bsse.py -- a python script that will generate the necessary input files for BSSE correction calculations.
    • Original ZINDO manual -- manual pieces of the ZINDO manual circa 1996 and 1997
    • ClearCase (software for revision control) terms demistified
    • STERIMOL program (QCPE Program Number: QCMP093) available on CCL: http://xyisp.adultedu.net/cca/software/SOURCES/FORTRAN/STERIMOL/
    • Version 2008.10 of Molecular Operating Environment (MOE) has been released: Read Press Release for more information.
    • New Book by Errol G Lewars: youtube视频下载(NoVirusThanks YouTube Video Downloader ...:2021-1-28 · NoVirusThanks YouTube视频下载是一个方便的免费应用程序,它可以让你轻松下载视频流行的视频流媒体网站YouTube的FLV格式。 NoVirusThanks还支持下载YouTube ... with Springer.
    • ASDN.NET: Contribute to public education and advertise your research: 上油管挂什么加速器
    • Alejandro Pisanty blog for Spanish speaking community on Science and Education (in Spanish): http://pisanty.blogspot.com/
    • Five $1,150 CCG Excellence Student Travel Award Stipends Available for the Fall 2008 Philadelphia ACS National Meeting -- http://xyisp.adultedu.net/cca/info/excellence_student_travel_award.shtml
    • The HP Outstanding Junior Faculty Award: http://xyisp.adultedu.net/cca/info/junior_faculty_award.shtml
    • Two papers added to CCL Document Archives: 用户共享脚本 | X浏览器:YouTube 视频下载手机版 下载 YouTube 视频手机版 1 7 0 sl00p 网页限制解除 ... 浏览 器 无 5 3 0 me 知乎网页辅助 去强制下载链接 6 4 2 ZH-TX ... by Paul Labute and Ligand Scaffold Replacement using MOE Pharmacophore Tools by Alain Deschênes and Elizabeth Sourial. Please find them at: http://xyisp.adultedu.net/chemistry/resources/overview/
    • Eguations (with ready to cut/paste source of forumulae in different formats), constants, units, conversions, etc. at: http://equplus.net.
    • sendmail, spamassassin and greylisting with relaydelay under Fedora Core 6 (FC6) -- http://xyisp.adultedu.net/cca/software/UNIX/sendmail/
    • Edutainment with Apache mod_perl2 on Fedora Core 6 (FC6) 小科普 | 用这些“油猴”拓展,给你的浏览器加个BUFF!_值客 ...:2021-6-13 · 小科普 | 用这些“油猴”拓展,给你的浏览器加个BUFF!,由什么值得买值友发布在好物社区的真实分享,本文是作者亲身的购买使用感受以及中立消费见解,旨为在广大网友中传播更好的消费主张。
    • New book: Nanotechnology for Electronic Materials and Devices is out!
    • Installing Java 6 on Fedora 7 (F7). Also links to FC5 and FC6.
    • NEWLEAD for LINUX and Mac OSX -- automatic generation of candidate structures for a given pharmacophore model
    • MMCC Results Newsletter -- literature survey of papers in molecular modeling and computational chemistry
    • 什么加速器可以看油管 Your Good Stuff to CCL Archives and share: Learn More and Upload Now.
    • 雷神加速器上youtube. A new range of services provide you with new opportunities to Support CCL: http://xyisp.adultedu.net/aboutccl/supporting.
    • Prescreen your CCL Messages with regular expressions: 在淘宝教育上看学习视频,需要加速,在谷歌浏览器上安装 ...:2021-11-11 · 在淘宝教育上看学习视频,需要加速,在谷歌浏览器上安装视频加速 ... 你或许已经注意到了,在 Linux 上使用 Google Chrome 或 Chromium 浏览器在 YouTube 或其它类似网站观看高清视频会增加你的 CPU 使用率,如果你用的是笔记本,电脑会发热而且电池 ....
    • New Web Subscription and Unsubscription Pages
    • Job Advertising is now a paid service of CCL. See Positions offered Page for details. Please read Detailed Instructions on how to post your job opening announcement via Web Interface within minutes.
    • Greylisting to fight spam http://xyisp.adultedu.net/cca/software/UNIX/greylisting/README.shtml
    • 什么加速器可以看油管 http://mbaza.mm.com.pl
    • Chemical Topics by Dave Young -- a collection of excellent overviews on important computational chemistry topics.
    • MMFF94s Validation Suite now including planar trigonal nitrogen
    • Force-field Evaluation Suite
    • MMFF94 Validation Suite
    Disclaimer: No claims are made as to validity or suitability of information/data/software contained in this site. Use at your own risk.

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